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Lockdown activities for home  

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While we've been here before, lockdown can get quite boring fairly quickly, so what do you do when you've done everything!

Here are a few ideas for those lockdown weekends.

  1. Take the time to plan - do you have plans for Christmas or have you always wanted to go to a certain holiday destination. While we may not be able to travel or go to any events at the moment, this doesn't mean you can't do lots of research and start planning. You could look up hotels, activities for that trip away or start to plan what Christmas presents to buy family and friends or even research how to make the best ham glaze!
  2. Bring the Spring clean forward -this may not be the most exciting activity, but the extra time is a great time to do all those jobs around the house. Clean all the skirting boards and walls, clean the oven, wash the windows inside and out! This could also include touching up any paint (if you have the paint).
  3. The Spring clean can also work for your car too! Washing, vacuuming and it's a good time to check your vehicle is in top shape - we're talking checking the oil, water, window wipers etc…
  4. Plan your next reno project – even though we can't start any reno's again this is a great time to plan and research bathrooms, kitchens, or gardens. There are lots of online tools where you can design your own kitchen or bathroom – trust us you can spend hours on these websites! Or if you rent you can still get carried away looking up vinyl peels on Kmart and maybe a new colour scheme for your bedroom or lounge, so researching cushions, throws and candles.
  5. Try out a new recipe or make a new signature cocktail – with more time at the weekend turn a date night into a home edition and cook an amazing dinner by testing out a new recipe.
  6. One for the kids – tell them you're going camping but at home, for something a little different put the tent up in the lounge or garage for a sleep over or put everyone's mattresses in the lounge for a marae style night with their favourite movies and snacks. You could even make smores over the BBQ – outside!
  7. Have a sort out your wardrobe, the laundry cupboard, the pantry, all the kitchen cupboards even the bathroom draws and that random draw with batteries, power cables and miscellaneous treasures!
  8. Have a family cooking game - on your next essential shopping trip get your husband, partner, flatmates etc to add in a random ingredient to the list, you then pick one for each of them and you each must cook or bake something with that ingredient. The quirkiest or most random dish wins!
  9. Do you have any board games or puzzles – now is the time to raid the shed, attic or garage and find those hidden treasures you can complete on a rainy day. If you don't have any maybe research a few online, you might want to buy or look up second-hand ones on trade me and Market Place for when we can buy them, and the levels allow.
  10. A boring one but it might help save you money, with the extra time you could review your power and internet providers and see if there's a better plan out there for you. There are also compare websites to help you find a deal that suits.


We hope these help, stay safe.