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Our Parking Types

We have many different parking products all based on what you need, whether it's a monthly fixed price subscription, early bird, or weekend parking! 

Monthly Subscription

Monthly parking offers you the convenience of unlimited access to your preferred car park. It's just like a gym membership and can be cancelled with 30 days notice. The best part is your parking is waiting for you, giving you peace of mind so you have more time to grab that coffee, phone Mum back or practice that board meeting speech.

Monthly Susbcription offers

Early Bird Parking

Coming in for the whole day at the office? Take advantage of Early Bird parking at many CBD car parks. Simply arrive at the car park before mid-morning and leave between 3 & 7pm and you could be eligible for the best parking offers in town. Please note early bird parking times differ car park to carpark, please check on our parking pages for time frames. 


Early Bird Parking offers

Night Parking

Movies with the girls? A romantic dinner on the town without the kids? Boys night at the rugby? Whatever your reason for heading out after dark, we have got you covered with the best parking options in the best parking locations. Enjoy your night out, with more time with late night feasts.


Night Parking Deals

Weekend Parking

Weekends are made for relaxing, spending time with family and friends, enjoying a long lunch and just taking it easy. So whether it's a family fun day, a day out shopping, or a long lunch in the sun, we have carparks nearby for the best weekend parking. 


Weekend Parking Deals

Overnight Parking

Staying overnight in the city? Heading to Waiheke overnight? Need somewhere to park your car while you see the sights, or just need to get some work done?

Many of our car parks open 24/7 which allows multiproduct purchases. 

Overnight Parking Deals