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Wilson Parking New Zealand Limited (Wilson) regrets the unfortunate incident that occurred on our premises. We understand that unexpected events like this can be stressful so to assist with your request for footage from our carparks, here is a step-by-step process for your convenience.

Guide for Requesting Footage

1. Please complete the Incident/Hazard Form. You will find the link [here]1. Once completed it will be automatically submitted to Wilson at

2. You need to contact New Zealand Police and report the incident. This can be done by phone by calling 105, the non-emergency number, or online where you can lodge a summary of what happened on the New Zealand Police website [here]2. You will be given a Police Reference Number which you will need to retrieve footage.

3. Once you have obtained the Police Reference Number (which will look like this e.g 123456/1234 or OR-1234567N), please include the Police Reference Number when you complete and submit the IPP6 Request for Footage form which you can find [here]3

4. Wilson will consider and respond to your request in accordance with our CCTV and Image Request Policy (Request Policy), our Privacy Policy which can be viewed [here]4 and the Privacy Act 2020. We recommend that you read through our Request Policy which can be viewed [here]5.

5. If you intend to make an insurance claim with your insurer, make sure to pass the Police Reference Number onto your insurance company and request them to contact us directly at

*Please be aware that after submitting the IPP6 Form to Wilson via the provided link, Wilson may no longer be in direct communication with you regarding this matter. Depending on the specific circumstances, Wilson may engage directly with the New Zealand Police.

*Please note, that surveillance systems and devices at Wilson managed and owned properties operate 24/7. While Wilson does its best to keep them running smoothly, there might be hiccups like technical issues or vandalism that might not make it possible to get the footage you require.


Download CCTV Image Request Form Here