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Digital Parking Reserved FAQs




We are adding our Digital Monitoring technology to your car park to improve your Wilson Parking experience. Digital Monitoring is about making sure that your car park stays your car park by allowing our enforcment team to keep better track of vehicles parking in Wilson parking lots. What this means for you is that only the vehicles permitted to park in you space are parking there.

Once we add the technology to your carpark, you'll need to login to the portal to ensure the correct plate is loaded against your account. If you have multiple people or customers sharing a bay you will need to ensure the correct plate is loaded at the time of parking.

2 simple steps to manage your license plate and you can load as many as you need:

Step 1: load a primary, secondary, and temporary license plate (only primary is a requirement) to a contact,

Step 2: Apply this contact to your parking bay.

No problem! You can do this in real time via the Customer Portal.

We can help! Contact one of our digital help experts.