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We are going to monitor our car parks digitally rather than manually, meaning no more window passes.

Login to the Customer Portal to check your licence plate is correct and set to 'Parking Now'. Dispose of your window pass after the live date mentioned in your email.

Click on the users page. Here you will see a summary of the plate loaded against your account.

You can have three plates loaded per bay ‘primary’, ‘secondary’ and ‘temporary’.

You may change between primary to secondary (1) once per day.

You may change your primary or secondary licence plate up to (1) once per month.

A temporary plate can be added (1) once per month and can be used for a (5) five-day period.

Click on the plate loaded against each user, update and select which is parking now. It is important that parking is up to date with the car you are using, as this is how we know if you have a valid parking pass.

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