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How to Improve your Morning Commute

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Top tips for the morning

​We all know the drill you get up, rush around, grab breakfast and run out the door to battle the traffic and get to the office, but how can we make our morning commute more enjoyable and less stressful.

Our top tips:

  • Make a cup of coffee or tea for the road. If you get stuck in traffic at least you'll have a coffee to enjoy.
  • Hit the gym before commuting or stretch out before leaving to wake your body up for the day.
  • Listen to a podcast, an audio book or your favourite songs!
  • Let someone out or let someone merge into your lane. Be kind and let that person into your lane, you'll make their morning.
  • Avoid social media. We all do it, wake up and have a quick check on Facebook, but social media apps can waste so much time. By avoiding or cutting down time on social media, you'll have more time in the morning.  
  • Use Google Maps to help plan the best route to the office. With increased congestion your normal journey may not always be the best way. Swap out different ways to get to work based on the traffic.
  • Make sure you get enough sleep during the night, so you're not feeling defeated and agitated before you start the day. We know this may not always be possible!
  • Consider a Wilson Parking monthly parking package, this way you'll know exactly where you are parking when you get to work, meaning you're not driving around trying to find a car park. To find out more visit Wilson Parking.