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Parking Enforcement Services

Our Parking Enforcement Services team are unique to the parking industry and can provide car park monitoring and real-time customer support

Parking Enforcement Services (PES) is an experienced and established service based division of Wilson Parking New Zealand Limited. We have a proven track record in providing monitoring and enforcement services. We currently provide our enforcement service across more than 800 car parks throughout New Zealand. We work closely with our clients to ensure our service falls within their service expectations. Our service is based on a willingness to be flexible in adapting the mode of enforcement to best monitor and minimise parking abuse.

The primary aim of our service is to free up bays in busy car parks so that genuine customers and clients can more easily find a parking space. Based on our experience, towing and wheel-clamping tend to be more aggressive with little room for the parker to appeal. PES takes the direct confrontation out of enforcing car parks as it is essentially breach notice issuing. PES and Wilson Parking are not a statutory authority. The notices are not a fine, nor a penalty or infringement, but a breach of contract fee to cover the cost of enforcing the terms and conditions of parking.

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